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We expect tenants to remain sober, polite, patient and respectful of people and property. No misconduct will be tolerated during rental or activities. The owners and their staff reserve the right to exclude from the property any person who contravenes these requirements. An evicted person is not entitled to any refund on their rental and will be required to pay for any damaged property.

Setapart is a tourist chalet including an entertainment service as well as on-site staff to assist you in the operation of the various devices. As very large sums have been invested in this project, renting does not automatically give you access to all the doors and even less to these all at the same time. Some rooms are reserved for the staff. Access to other doors is only possible during a limited time slot depending on the availability of staff for accompaniment. Similarly, children and people with disabilities cannot remain without immediate adult supervision in order to avoid breakage or damage that would increase the bill for your stay. The presence of at least two adults is required in rooms with risks of drowning or injury such as the swimming pool, the SPA, the sauna and the gym. The tenant remains fully responsible for monitoring people and property. Your safety is important to us and we require that measures be taken to ensure that your stay remains memorable.

Since the objective of the chalet is to make known the Kingdom of Heaven, certain animated activities are planned for this purpose during the rental. It is therefore important that rental group leaders inform their participants of the theme of the chalet and the animated sessions that accompany it. When the stay includes activities organized by the group leader according to pre-established time slots, it is essential to send us your program so that we can integrate our activities into it. Unfortunately, it is not possible to escape from the main theme of the chalet.



You will find below your rental contract in French and English version. The group leader is required to read the document and share it with the members of his group. The latter then takes responsibility for the entire group, which is collectively and individually bound to respect the requirements of the contract under penalty of sanctions. More than one person can sign the document for the rental group. Please print the document and bring a signed copy that you must submit before the start of your stay. A hard copy can also be completed on site.

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