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Consult our calendar below to find out the activities planned and the beaches  always available for group rentals. Contact us for a reservation of  group or register for a scheduled activity.


We look forward to meeting you for an unforgettable experience on the borders of another Kingdom.

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Légende R1.jpg

How to interpret the legend:

The color of the background

The background color of the calendar box represents the main activity taking place on that date.

The activity letter

When more than one activity takes place on the same date, a letter will be added to the box to identify the activities taking place in addition to the main activity.

Stay with overnight stay

Unless a group reservation is made, it is usually possible to sleep on site. Ask about availability.

Shaded box

When a main activity is displayed full, the calendar box will appear as shaded.

Crossed out letter

When a secondary activity is displayed full, the letter on the calendar is crossed out.


When an asterisk appears in the calendar box, a modification to the current terms has been made. Consult the date of the directory of modifications in order to know the details.


Consult the activity tab to have a brief overview of the activity as well as its time frame.


When making a group reservation, the activity, whatever its nature, is identified as private and is not accessible to the general public.


When a private activity is scheduled but does not involve the reservation of the entire establishment, the box may be displayed in a combo color to allow a second activity.


The free spaces of the calendar allow you to make reservations for one and the same group. Contact us to find out the terms.

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