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Spiritual retreats

Is there anything better than a time of spiritual renewal, all surrounded by intense fraternal communion? Spend an unforgettable time accompanied by brothers and sisters in the Lord. Get to know them in another facet than that of the regular assembly and forge eternal bonds through the many facilities offered at the chalet.

Participate in a retreat offered by the program or organize your own retreat. Increase group size by offering multiple workshops in different rooms and schedule different times for meals. Stay at the chalet or with the various brothers and sisters in the region. The possibilities are many. It's up to you to define your limits.


The keys to revival

1. The Foundations of Awakening - The Book of Acts

2. The Awakening of a Nation - Daniel's Prayer

3. Sentinels of Revival - Jonah's Story

4. The Ingredients of History's Greatest Revivals

5. Revival pruning

Consult the calendar tab for scheduled dates or free spaces for group reservations

Symbol to look for in the legend:   Rs  

Approximate duration: Friday evening to Sunday

Cost: base rate at $150/weekend; $50 meals (2 breakfasts, a lunch and a dinner); $100 (2 nights multiple occupancy) - $300 for full stay, plus taxes

Minimum size 20 people (maximum 36 people without workshop; 60 people with overnight stays; 144 people with multiple workshops)

Reserve your place by paying your admission in advance.  

For more details, write to us specifying the activity in the subject tab.

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