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Père et fils

Father-son retreat

To love and to feel loved is a need of all living beings. The connection of a father with his son does not escape. This relationship can define  the being he will become. This is why it is important to invest early in life by appropriating each moment, each opportunity.

Maybe you didn't have the opportunity to spend quality time with your father during your childhood or your life. Seize the opportunity to make a difference by investing in your relationship today and write a new page in your history by changing the course of events.

The father-son retreat aims to create this opportunity by promoting exchanges of values through activities that foster father-son relationships.

Check the calendar tab for scheduled dates 

Symbol to look for in the legend:   Rd  

Approximate duration: Friday evening to Sunday

Cost: Base rate including bed and meals at $600 for a father-son pair in double occupancy in one and the same room (4 people). Allow $900 for single occupancy (2 people). Applicable taxes extra.

Maximum size of 10 pairs (Father and son)/retreat.

Reserve your place by paying your admission in advance.  

For more details, write to us specifying the activity in the subject tab.

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