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Women's retreat

Spend time with women in order to carry out activities that resemble you, by forging links and drawing from the Word. This is what to expect at a women's retreat.

Organize your own theme and activities or take a break and let us instruct and entertain you.

Reserved for 18 years and over.

Check the calendar tab for scheduled dates 

Symbol to look for in the legend:   Rw  

Approximate duration: Friday evening to Sunday

Cost: Base rate including accommodation and meals at $300/person in quadruple occupancy ($250/person extra) or $450/person in double occupancy. Without overnight stay and breakfast 200$/person. Applicable taxes extra.

Minimum size of 20 and maximum size of 36 people/retreat.

Maximum size of 36 people/retreat.

Reserve your place by paying your admission in advance.  

For more details, write to us specifying the activity in the subject tab.

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