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Famille heureuse

Family retreat

The family is an institution established by God. So Noah entered the ark with all his family. The message of salvation was not only for Cornelius but also for his whole family. Lydia was baptized with her family while all the families of the earth are blessed in the posterity of Abraham, that is to say Jesus.


More than any other century, families today find themselves divided. Divorces and separations are part of everyday life. That's why it's important to invest in the family to ensure strong bonds that will last for generations to come.

The family retreat including workshops and an animation service aims to prepare an environment conducive to rapprochement, to the appreciation of others, to the creation of links and to sharing. It is not only a question of hearing but of listening and understanding, of transforming daily tasks into time for sharing and achievement, of exploiting the 2nd facet of the coin by appropriating each moment to make them memorable.


To come...

Check the calendar tab for scheduled dates 

Symbol to look for in the legend:   Rf  

Approximate duration: Monday morning to Friday morning

Cost: Base rate including bed and meals at $1400 for a family of 4 people. Allow $200 for each additional person, maximum occupancy of 8 people/room. Applicable taxes extra.

Maximum size of 6 families/retreat.

Reserve your place by paying your admission in advance.  

For more details, write to us specifying the activity in the subject tab.

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