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After more than 8 years of construction and set up, SETAPART is finally ready to welcome its first guests. Designed by a structural engineer who has received numerous awards for excellence, this log cabin has all that one could desire to make an unforgettable experience in every way.


Dedicated to God, this cottage was SET APART to reveal and experience the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the main theme of the chalet. As they enter, guests are called to sign the book of life, a prerequisite to enter the kingdom. Throughout their pilgrimage, guests will learn various facts about this kingdom while being immersed in the culture of this universe by participating in various activities each as fun the next.


The villa has 5 bedrooms with full bathrooms. Each room can accommodate up to 8 guests. For larger groups, a total of 6 pull-out couches and 8 sofas can also accommodate visitors. The rooms are designed according to 5 different themes: pioneer, ornithologist, explorer, cowboy and hunter. Fun activities for both children and adults accompany these themes. Some of the activities are experienced in a playroom attached to the bedroom while others are presented in another area of the house.


It remains difficult to describe the building and the various rooms. You just have to live the experience to understand and let yourself be transported. We will therefore only show you pictures of certain places, just to charm you, without revealing all its surprises.

Setapart ...

 · is secluded in nature while being 5 minutes from the city

 · is capable of accommodating up to 60 people at a time

 · is set up with a fully equipped kitchen to host large groups

 · has a dining room with 5 tables for up to 12 guests per table

 · has a living room with wood fireplace that can accommodate up to 40 guests

 · has an impressive recreational room with 6 large game tables

 · has an indoor pool, large jacuzzi, sauna and exercise room

 · has a video arcade with over 20 consoles and thousands of games

 · has a playroom for children 0 to 12 years old with a wide variety of toys

 · has a collection of nearly 400 board games

 · has a library full of book and movies

 · is equipped with HD TVs, DVD players, WiFi, and high-end sound systems

 · has a cinema/conference room with 36 theater seats

 · has a total of 40 acres of wooded land with a gazebo, a stream and a pond

 · has organized activities with learning and fun

 · has staff on site with optional daily housekeeping

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