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The goal of Setapart is to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven. Far from traditional religious forms, Setapart relies on a personal encounter with God through the discovery of the Kingdom that He has prepared for all those who belong to Him.


It was during a visit to this Kingdom, when she was still a child, that the Lord showed her what she would build for him later. Guided by the Spirit, the construction began several years later when the child in question became a structural engineer. However, it was only during the last year of construction of the cottage that the Lord revived memories of this visit during her childhood. All that her husband and her had built up was thus in God's plans.


The ingenuity and creativity that abound in the cottage are therefore divinely inspired by the Creator. These things give you a glimpse of a Kingdom more majestic and wonderful than what is known here on earth. After setting foot in this Kingdom, you will not want to leave. So buckle up and get ready to live the EXTRAORDINARY.

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