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Famille en randonnée

Multigenerational retreat

If we don't take ownership of the circumstances, we can miss out on the best moments of life. The multigenerational retreat aims to create opportunities for memorable family moments, to renew ties sometimes broken by circumstances or to strengthen the cords already well woven in order to make them stronger.

Through its many animated activities, the multigenerational retreat offers the opportunity to take the time to get to know each other, to discover oneself, to  appreciate each other and show our affection.

Check the calendar tab for scheduled dates 

Symbol to look for in the legend:   Rg  

Approximate duration: Friday evening to Sunday morning

Cost: Base rate including accommodation and meals at $1,000 for a group of 4 people. Allow $200 for each additional person, maximum occupancy of 8 people/room. Applicable taxes extra.

Maximum size of 5 groups/retreat.

Reserve your place by paying your admission in advance.  

For more details, write to us specifying the activity in the subject tab.

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