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Our activities

Many of the activities are available on reservation only. Consult the calendar to know the agenda or write us to reserve your place at the next event.


Theatrical tour of the chalet

A visit to the Kingdom of Heaven

6 pm-9pm

Based on the testimonies of people who have lived a near-death experience or who have simply been transported in spirit to the Kingdom of Heaven, the chalet transforms into a theatrical setting for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Kingdom of Heaven. Set your feet in paradise, learn about the New Jerusalem, and marvel at the Throne Room through tales based on the stories of those who have visited these places. Learn more about the prerequisites to enter this kingdom, the angels who live there, the rewards that we accumulate on earth, your abode in the heavenly places as well as on the Creator of the universe and be forever transformed.

Éclairs revisités

Gastronomic theatrical dinner

On reservation only

6 pm-9pm

Under the theme The Wedding Feast of the Lamb, discover several facets of the scriptures regarding this great feast which is reserved for the bride of Christ while tasting delicious dishes prepared by outstanding chefs. Depending on the package chosen, the theatrical meal can be accompanied by a thematic visit of the chalet or other fun activities.


Discover the story of Gaius , this former Roman centurion whose life was turned upside down and completely transformed after events that can be described as strange and supernatural . Warning! These phenomena can affect you also. Theatrical meal only.

Beach Banquet


Reserve the chalet to celebrate your wedding in a breathtaking setting. Available with or without entertainment.

The celebrant is at the discretion of the bride and groom.

Bougeoir en céramique

The evening
 of storytelling

7-9:30 p.m.

Be transported in another univers for the time of a story by our storytellers who will liven up your evenings with bits of truth from a book that compares to no other.


Fort Setapart

Discover the Fort's treasure
2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Discover the key that opens the door of the fort. The bridge is slipped, access is given, here is your first clue! Can you decipher it? Observe the doors, openings and accesses carefully. Each has its own activation mechanism. Whether for a group outing or a children's party, everyone will be captivated by this fascinating place with a thousand and one surprises


Children from 5 to 12 years old

Wooden Hut
Cowboy au travail

Role games

2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

“Cowboys, cavalry , Indians, gold diggers as well as all their compatriots will join or confront each other in a role-playing game whose avenue is constantly being reshaped by the participants. Anything goes, at least almost! Who will be the first to discover the treasure? Be careful, what lessons do you learn from this crazy race? The impact could be eternal! ”

over 40 costumes

to choose from



Watch for topics offered on the calendar or organize your own retreat. Certain conditions apply.

For more information,
contact us using the tab
Contact us.

Themes offered
The Kingdom of Heaven
Discover your call
The foundations of revival
Led by the Spirit
Ambassador of the Kingdom
The return of Christ
A fruitful life

Friday 6 p.m. to
Sunday 12 p.m.

Beautiful Landscape
Famille heureuse

Family retreat

Build stronger bonds than ever.

Renew your family ties and create new ones through spiritual renewal for the whole family. Live a unique experience through fun and recreational activities while participating in educational workshops allowing you to draw from the source of true values.

An unforgettable experience that will fuel your discussions for years to come!

Monday 9 a.m. to Friday 10 a.m.

Feu de camp la nuit
Membres féminins de la famille

Multigenerational retreat

The last years have been difficult in terms of gathering. Several family members found themselves dispersed. Take time to connect with the generations by participating in a multigenerational weekend retreat that will leave traces in eternity!

Friday 6 p.m to Sunday 12 p.m.

Father-son retreat

Père et fils

Share a memorable page of history with your son or father by engraving it in his heart!

Friday 6 p.m. to

Sunday 12 a.m.

Père et fils
Père avec son Fils
mère et fille
Mère et fille étreignant


Reconnect with some quality time set aside for each other. Take the time to listen and be listened to for a moment of sharing, intimacy and dreams. Loving and being loved by God and the beings who are close to us, that is the essential for an escapade towards happy and lasting memories!

Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 12 a.m.

mère et fille

Couples retreat

Solidify your couple by taking time apart to grow your couple in love in a time of spiritual renewal!

Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 12 p.m.

Père et fille


Mère et fils

To leave a legacy of memories more lasting than the body, deeper than the ocean and transcending generations.

Friday 6 p.m. - Sunday 12 a.m.


Amis sur une montagne

Men's retreat

Strengthen fraternal bonds and
make new ones while
resourcing spiritually through
a men's retreat.

Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 12 p.m.

Femmes avec des cierges magiques
Étudiantes College

Fill up with spiritual renewal among friends during the

femmes, rire, sur, plage


Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 12 a.m.


Leaders retreat

Advance the affairs of the Kingdom by taking time apart to establish the vision of the church, the three-year plan or simply a time of rest and meditation on the Word.

Friday 5 p.m. to Sunday 2 p.m.

Marche vers le camping

Do you want to participate in the Kingdom of Heaven by getting involved as a volunteer? Sign up for the Volunteer Retreat to find out how you can get involved.

Cuisson au feu de camp

The Volunteer Retreat

Photo de groupe


Change the world one day at a time by participating in a weekend transporting you to the depths of a unknown spiritual reality and be transformed on the path to ETERNITY.

Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 4 p.m.

Adolescents en randonnée



Explore the limits of the unknown and discover the secret of

the universe through the portal

leading to another dimension!

13 to 19 years old

Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 4 p.m.

Deux hommes qui pêchent



Change your fishing
speeches by becoming
ficher of men
for a weekend!

50 years and over

Friday 6 p.m.-Sunday 2 p.m.

Assis sur un banc


Take a time of isolated spiritual contemplation 

in the heart of nature during a week of rest and renewal.

Bring your reading or let us advise you.

Daily small group or personalized Bible study.

Monday 9 a.m. to Friday 9 a.m.

Coup de ballon de billard



Take the theatrical tour 

then enjoy the rest

of the day for your


Randonnée à travers la forêt enneigée


Une randonnée

Whether it's summer or winter, come  refresh ideas during a one-day hike with or without overnight stay.

École des arts de la scène

Discipleship school

God has equipped each of His children with a unique blend of talents so that each can contribute to the Kingdom according to God's specific plan for each of them. It is when we walk fully in this plan that we are called to excel and bear fruit. Enroll in Discipleship School to learn about God's plan for your life!

Fille tenant bible

Bible Camp

Give your child a solid foundation by enrolling them for a week  camp where they will learn the love of  God and their neighbour, sharing, acceptance of others and much more with biblical stories and activities adapted to their age group.

Pique-nique après le camping
Enfants jouant dans un parc

Allo-Fun Camp

Come and have fun with your age group at the Allo-Fun camp while

combining the learning of a second language to Christian teachings and being impregnated with other cultures.

jeune famille
Courir dans les champs

Escape in wilderness at 
and discover a new freedom in the family of Christ!

Camping en forêt

Team building

Consolidation of teamwork

What better way to break down barriers, enhance relationships and forge bonds than a day, a weekend or a week animated by Team building activities in an enchanting environment that promotes development and contacts. Whether it is to cement a work team, build the spirit of a sports group, bring together a community or enhance the performance of a company, the activities surrounding team building and consolidation help to strengthen the cohesion of a group of individuals by strengthening ties and then improving  their productivity and efficiency.

Day: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Week: Monday to Friday

Weekend: Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 12 p.m.


Movie night

Listen to the famous web series
The chosen on the big screen during our evenings reserved for the occasion

Les acteurs sur scène


Les gens applaudissent

Enjoy a moment of relaxation listening to an inspired and inspiring play.

Fans de football

Playoff series

Book the cinema room to listen to a playoff game with your friends on the big screen and experience unforgettable moments.

Schedule depending on the game.

Seau Sauna

Relaxation package

Come relax and enjoy our facilities

SPA, Sauna, Swimming pool, Gym

AirTable Fun

Game night

  • Table games

  • Board games

  • Video games

6.30 p.m.-10 p.m.

Child's Party

Take advantage of the free days on the calendar to celebrate your child's birthday with their friends.

- Treasure hunt;

- Contests;

- Games;

- Crafts.

Des enfants heureux

Nature Campsite

Take part in a wild camping weekend and discover nature and the greatest of creators!

Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 12 p.m.

Nature Campsite

Take part in a wild camping weekend and discover nature and the greatest of creators!

Friday 6 p.m. to Sunday 12 p.m.

Les campeurs dans les bois
Fille mangeant des guimauves

Outdoor day

8 am to 5 pm


Sharing time

Who is God? What are his plans for your life?

Enfants s'embrassant en cercle

Group entertainment

Get to know yourself better and appreciate others.

Groupe des Amis Partir en excursion


Discover the Creator and his creation!

Cours de corde au camp d'été


Spend your excess energy and craft new courses.



Find your way and clues using a compass.



Measure your endurance through different routes.

Tir à la corde

Miscellaneous games

Have fun with our various games and activities.

Garçons se détendre après l'entraînement


Build friendships and bond with other attendees.

Boy Flèches de prise de vue

Precision shots

Test your archery, pellet gun and slingshot skills.

Camping and Fishing
Assis devant un feu de camp

Wild camping 
with family

Receive instructions from our guide and take a break from the atmosphere of the city, letting yourself be charmed by nature and the Creator.

Camping Lakeside
Spectacle de marionnettes

for kids

From 9 to 11 AM or from 2 to 4 PM

Join us at Setapart for your school trips or children's parties. Contact us for details on the terms and conditions and have a memorable stay.

  • Puppet theater

  • Crafts

  • Pool

  • Climbing games

  • Story time

  • Games with animation

  • Movie theater


Art High School

With the many pieces offered, it becomes easy to subdivide a large group into several small ones by offering different workshops promoting interactions and learning. Organize your own series of workshops to target the specific needs of the participants.

Certain conditions apply.


Your business needs a new turn. You are looking for a new way to consolidate your teams. Get off the beaten path by offering a day of brainstorming in an atmosphere that is out of the ordinary and let God make the difference!

Étudiants pendant la pause


Offer a stimulating learning environment whose sessions can be interspersed with fun activities to deepen relationships or sign up for open training offered on the calendar.

Certain conditions apply

Kingdom Leadership
Learn how to change your daily life to have a lasting impact for the Kingdom of Heaven
Friday 6:30 p.m. to Saturday 9:30 p.m.










Testimonials evenings

I was gazing at the immense statue whose splendor reflected the earthly kingdoms when a stone came loose without the aid of any hand then broke the feet of the statue, tearing them to pieces and no trace was found. But the stone that had struck the statue became a great mountain and filled the whole earth ...  

Discover the story of this stone which still transforms lives today, and whose Kingdom will never end, through the powerful testimonies of lives transformed by the gospel.

7-9 p.m.

Questions about the meaning of life?​​

  • Why are we here?

  • Is there life after death?

  • If God exists, why so much suffering?

Here are so many crucial questions that many are asking themselves without getting real answers.


Take part in our discussion evenings to study the depths of the holy books and discover the treasures of the gospel.


6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Parcourir les livres
Concert crowd

Worship evenings

Come celebrate the majesty of God with us during our praise evenings!

6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Observing the starry sky

Come and observe all the beauty of the starry sky, with or without a telescope, during our observation evenings and learn the story of salvation as givent to humanity on the day of creation

Hours vary depending on the season.

Course des enfants

Kangaroo days

It is well recognized, children have a lot of energy. Come and enjoy our outdoor activities to spend unforgettable moments with your family.

1 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Enfants heureux traîneau dans la neige

Discovery day

Come and study the fauna and flora during our day trips into nature.

9 to 12 a.m. or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Take advantage of our teaching days to learn more about God, yourself and your relationships with others.

  • How did God create the universe?

  • Who am I in the sight of God?

  • Is Satan an Instrument of God?

  • Learn to distinguish voices  

  • Being led by the Spirit

  • God's timing

  • Victory over death

  • The Sin against the Holy Spirit

  • The flesh and the blood of Christ

  • Understanding the parables

  • Blessings and persecutions

  • Faith and  works

  • Jesus in the Old Testament

  • Jewish holidays and their significance

  • The wedding of the lamb

  • The king's return

  • The jubilee of jubilees

And more ... Consult the calendar to know the date of the next teaching.

Étudiants à la bibliothéque
groupe d'étude
Northern Lights
Faire du vélo en famille dans les bois
nature photographe
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