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Live a memorable experience that will transport you to the limits of another realm. This high-end residence combines the warmth of wood and stone with breathtaking amenities. The chalet, and each bedroom, is designed according to a theme which is accompanied by creative and original playful activities.


Accommodating up to 60 people at a time, Setapart is much more than just a tourist cottage. It is the most complete and ingenious entertainment center ever!

Ready for adventure? Whether it's for an activity, a day or a weekend, get together with family, friends or colleagues and be transported to another universe by living the Setapart experience!


"I let myself be completely transported so all my worries left me. I ran from door to door like a child discovering a new world."


/ Claudine Ardouin


"I was captivated as soon as I stepped into the entrance. Nowhere else have I felt so much peace. I am convinced that a person can extend their life simply by living in this place."


/ Helena Gosselin

chalet touristique


I had the privilege of visiting the place after working on the premises. The decor is simply sublime. The ingenuity with which the rooms were designed is incredible. I could not help talking about it to my wife and friends. I lived on a high all weekend after only a visit. This is completely crazy. I will surely go back and bring my family."


/ Éric Tavares

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